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In simple words, content monetization is the process of earning money by writing content.

There are several ways to go about the method. You can earn money by selling your content or by indulging yourself in internet-based writing activities. In the first method, buyers of your content can be anyone from book publishers to record labels to artists. In the second method, you can take part in one of hundreds of possibilities available throughout internet. Some of these opportunities arise from the use of AdSense, sale of consultancy or advertising for any local small business.

It is important to know this technique in order to enhance your text in respect to your readers’ expectations. In order to catch the attention of your readers, you’ll have to deliver the content keeping the specific audience’s interests in mind. This is essential if you are writing with a reason in mind. You need to communicate the reason you have in mind. 

You can monetize your content in a number of ways. If you are writing for a newspaper, you have to write articles in a way that can attract the reader’s attention. You earn money though writing compelling piece that editors of the paper want to pay you for. Moreover, you need to make it a remarkable article for those who want to advertise in your paper, so that the paper can earn from business relations, readers and advertisers.

If you are acting as an advertiser, you need to design the content according to the relevant market—you have to make potential customers of your products or services know about the qualities of your product. Your goal is to convince them about the quality of your product or services and buy them.

If you want to sell your business ideas, you have to focus your content on the ideas. This enables the customers to see your ideas again and again and get accustomed to them. If you are a website owner, you can boost your income from your website by advertising with the help of marketing tools such as Google’s AdSense, paid posts and link insertion.

You might say that you don’t need all this information because you write your content just for fun. But why not earn money from your hobby? Wouldn’t it be great if your hobby and income joined hands? If you want to boost your blogging income, you can use link insertion as a simple tool for content monetization of your blog. All you need to do is to insert some java script code in your site and this monetizes your site automatically. The software will use words and phrases from blogs and use them to link it to relevant advertisers.

Another good tool for advertisement is INTENTclick, which provides an alternative basis for your content monetization. This tool is especially useful for content, which, by origin, are for advertisement of products or services. You can find more detail about these internet advertisement techniques from the book “Content Monetization Book.”

Disclosure: I am currently working with the company INTENTclick.