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Fortunately, for any blogger who hasn’t heard yet about CommentLuv Premium or couldn’t buy it by yesterday, the big news today is that Andy has extended the deadline to obtain CommentLuv Premium during the prelaunch until TOMORROW, October 5, 2011 at NOON EST.

For Murray’s readers in London and across the UK, the deadline in the UK is Thursday 6th October 17:00 PM. (Andy Bailey, creator of CommentLuv, is UK based.)

The reason CommentLuv Premium is big news is that it replaces 8 plugins – and we all know that Google is now using page load speed which is reduced when too many WordPress plugins are used.

Get more information at these links:

CommentLuv Premium is going to spread across the blogsophere because:

  1. It increases your reach and traffic.
  2. It creates a thriving community around your blog and between your blog and the blogs of all your commenters.
  3. The Google + feature can improve your search engine positions AND bring you traffic from Google+
  4. It incorporates 8 plugins into 1 to speed up your blog – an important factor in getting more traffic from Google search.
  5. As soon as you buy CommentLuv Premium you become an affiliate and can earn commissions of 50%.

If you don’t buy before then you won’t be able to buy for weeks or maybe months and we still don’t know what the new price or pricing structure will be.

This plugin is going to be so valuable that it might even be subscription based with monthly or annual charges – and if that happens you are going to kick yourself if you want it and passed up the opportunity to lock in the developer license that lets you put it on ALL of your blogs and your client’s blogs (current AND future) for a one-time flat fee of only $40.