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SEO outperformed contextual advertising, Barry Smith previously wrote on receptional.com. So how then can contextual advertising improve my SEO?

  1. Contextual advertising can boost the relevance of your site in the SERPS

We have all known for some time that search engines, Google in particular, like to send traffic to relevant, “popular” pages. When I’m talking about popular I’m including the whole Facebook “Like,” Google Plus thing. Just by seeing the ads for a company on relevant sites, “unaided awareness achieved a 69% lift (comScore norm: 17%),” a study by INTENTclick concluded. Also, “top of mind awareness achieved a 73% lift (comScore norm: 13%).”

This results in more searches for the company and their products on search engines, as well as increasing the overall popularity of their results in the page. Studies of comScore’s consumer panel indicated that three weeks after exposure, searches for the CPG products advertised increased by 400% (5x lift) on the respective search engines.

  1. Contextual advertising delivers more SERPS

You can only dominate so many positions in the search results. If other people occupy those positions, you can effectively put your brand into those results by buying contextual advertising on those pages. You are then able to cover more of the SERPS results.