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I recently started working with Playkast, a company that links individual video makers with companies that need online videos. The videos range from commercials to webcasts to “Expressions,” fifteen-second clips that “express an idea, emotion, or message about the brand.”

In a nutshell, Playkast follows a crowdsourcing model for video—a sort of revolutionary model. First, one of Playkast’s many represented companies request a video needed for promotional purposes. Playkast then, in turn, reaches out to its huge talent pool of video makers, who then compete to make the best quality video, the best of which are presented to the company in need.

This is great for companies – they get access to thousands of video makers and only have to choose from the cream of the crop. Playkast act as the casting call, if you will, allowing these large international companies to take more of a risk when looking for new talent.

But what then, is in it for you, video maker?


Some producers simply want to make money. These producers will be happy to know that Playkast pays $50 for each created video that gets accepted by a company as well as potential to earn long-term contracts for a series of video clips to be used by the company.

Portfolio Building

For those without much to show, the opportunity to build your portfolio far exceeds initial monetary compensation. Most potential employers in creative fields require seeing a portfolio to even consider interviewing you. Somebody making videos from home or a recent college film grad with no professional experience needs to be able to show potential employers what he or she can really do.


The Internet’s made it so that you don’t need to know many people in the industry to get paid to make videos. In this way, PlayKast can be your foot in the door to the film and commercial industry—just think about how fast people will start containing you if they see your Doritos commercial.

When I started working with online video years ago, there wasn’t an easy way to build my portfolio or make contacts. That’s why I’m excited to work with Playkast — they give you a chance to get a real start in the video industry and let your creativity thrive.

Start making money online with your videos by signing up for Playkast today.