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Two Small Businesses That Take Customer Service Seriously

Although many marketing textbooks don’t even cover the issue, nothing could be more important to marketing your business than good customer service.

Kelly Keiser of Splendid Interiors and Denise Lowney of Velocity Communications have this advice:

Be Available. While most interior designers work from an office on an appointment only basis, Kelly has a storefront on Chestnut St in San Francisco. Clients and shoppers can come in at their leisure and go through design books and swatches of fabric or just hang out in her lovely space. Interior design is a fairly personal relationship type of business anyway, but she makes it less stressful by being upbeat and available. She is very tied into the community, including the Marina Merchants Association which is where she met Denise, who is now her PR agent.

Be Involved. Denise has a long history with small businesses and gets very involved in not just delivering good press, but actually helping them grow. “When I work with a company I look at all areas of their business and opportunities to help them, not just get them press. I try to help with networking, finding cross promotion opportunities and even hand deliver invitations for our events”.

Value Every Customer, Remember an existing customer is better than a new customer. They spend more and refer more. Develop and value these customers.

Be The Person You Would Want to Work With. You’re building your brand with who you are and how you work with people.

Make It Enjoyable. We both laugh a lot while working together and in life. People stop by Kelly’s store just to hang out and chat. That’s the best testimonial there is.

Be Honest. If you don’t have an answer, tell them you don’t know but will find out and get back to them.

Think About How You Can Really Make A Difference In their Lives..

Denise & Kelly are celebrating Kelly’s Fifth Anniversary Party on Thursday, December 8th. From 5-8 pm.

www.kellykeiserdesign.com .