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There is a new company out there that has made creating Facebook Fanpages easy with no coding required. Pagemodo is part of the Webs.com family of products and has taken creating and marketing a Facebook Fanpage to the next level. Not only does Pagemodo offer you free templates for your Fanpage, but they offer a variety of tools and there is no coding or programming knowledge needed. Instead, Pagemodo takes the tricky work out and lets you have the fun of picking templates and customizing your pages.

Pagemodo comes with numerous social apps so that you can market coupons to your fans with, Pagemodo has a great contact us form and even offers maps and more. Pagemodo.com also gives you access to their video and photo galleries tools so that you can easily show off your work and market why people should choose you to your audience in a captivating and engaging way. One thing that many Pagemodo users also enjoy are the “like” gates which enable you to grow your fanbase with no technical skills needed at all.

Pagemodo has made creating Fanpages simple and easy and what is also great is that they allow you to create one Pagemodo Fanpage free so that you can try the service. After you use your first free Pagemodo.com Fanpage, then you’ll be able to buy more if you would like to build more. You can create Fanpages for your business, your websites or blogs, celebrities or anything else you would like. Some of the current Fanpages which you may recognize from large brands include:

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences/ The Oscars: (https://www.facebook.com/TheAcademy )
Michael Bolton: (http://www.facebook.com/MBsings?sk=app_112078882147346)
The Pittsburgh Steelers: (http://www.facebook.com/steelers)
And more!

Pagemodo is an awesome product that I have started using and highly recommend. It has not only taken some of the guess work out of where things are, but the free designs and other features have made it a completely user friendly tool that every company, Affiliate or Marketer should be using. Since you get your first Pagemodo Fanpage free, why not give it a try and see if it is right for your own clients or websites. You can even sign up for their Affiliate program on Share a Sale and earn commissions off of your sites as well extra cash when you use Pagemodo for your clients. Click hereto try Pagemodo for free!