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There are a lot of players in the social media monitoring space, and those of us who use the tools have had a few years to try out different options and understand what works, what doesn’t, and what we want in a good service. I was stunned to read a recent survey of social media monitoring service users in Media Bistro and see that only 1 in 3 respondents are “happy” with their current social media monitoring service- the rest rate their service as just “okay” or say they are “frustrated.”

And if that wasn’t bad enough, 45.3% of the same people are paying at least $100 every month. That’s a lot of professionals paying $1000 or more a year for a service they think is just “okay” or worse.

Alerti Social Media Monitoring and Management

I’m excited to be working with Alerti, a social media monitoring and management service based in Paris, France. They have already built a userbase of over 10,000 there, and are launching the English language version of their tool this week. Alerti was created because the founders needed a single, customizable interface for managing and sharing information from the web. They’ve done an amazing job.

If you like what you see, I have a limited number of FREE trials to offer – keep reading for details.

The Media Bistro survey said that the 4 most important factors influencing social media monitoring selection are:

1) What metrics it offers
2) Interface design
3) Integration with different social media networks
4) Price
Alerti is a great option in each case:

1) Metrics – Alerti gives you all the standard metrics, including customizable graphs, sentiment analysis, and profile information on your results.
2) Interface – Alerti collects all search results in a single interface with those analytical tools and allows you to measure the engagement of your communities on social media profiles and interact with them straight from that dashboard.
3) Integration – The Work Flow integration enables you to share your alerts to work in a group, customize graphs of your data, and manage your social media profiles directly from your Alerti account.
4) Price – Plans start at $25/ month.

So how does it work in action?


Each search return has individual work-flow options that enable tagging and customization of the tone for internal categorization. The “Share” button lets you immediately send this result out to your Twitter or Facebook networks, and the “Task” button allows you to delegate a result to someone one your internal team. Essentially you can do all of the management of your results from the same page where you get the results- an excellent option for anyone who needs to efficiently work with a team.

As I said, I’m using this service and I am excited to offer a limited number of FREE 3 month trials to my readers who go to Alerti and register with the “MN” Bonus code.

Once you try it, let me know what you think in the comments!

To learn more about how to use Alerti for your blog or business, download my free Ebook on Social Media Monitoring.