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Last week’s Super Bowl game saw Audi try to use the vampire trend to their advantage. Audi ran a commercial for their new LED headlights, saying they were as close to daylight as you can get. The ad featured a cool, hip vampire arriving at a bonfire in his Audi and accidentally vaporizing a dozen of his friends. They got caught in the headlights, and we all know Vampires are destroyed in daylight. They pushed the messaging on Twitter through the #solongvampires tag. Here’s a look at what kind of a bite the video campaign took out of social media’s neck:


  • Audi used #SoLongVampires to extend the campaign to Twitter, and pushed traffic to the USA Today Admeter where it became the #8 most popular Super Bowl ad.
  • 4x increase in mentions during the week leading up to the Super Bowl.
  • The commercial got more than 4.8 million views on YouTube by the Monday morning after the Super Bowl. Watch it here.

Mentions of Audi related to their Super Bowl #solongvampires campaign

Graph by Alerti social media monitoring and management