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I heard about Cloudcache from a friend who recommended it. Find out what it did for me:

Cloudcache is a content delivery network (CDN), also known as a cloud cache. These services work by hosting your big files on super-fast servers, which gives you a variety of benefits. I chose Cloudcache over other services for many reasons, and so far I’m happy I chose them. Here’s why:

Cloudcache’s lower tiers don’t rip you off

CloudCacheAlmost all CDN’s work on a tiered model, whereby you get a certain amount of bandwidth and hosting space per month depending on how much you pay. There’s usually a starter version, a basic version, a premium version, and an enterprise version, or some variations thereof. Cloudcache is no different in this way. It provides standard differences in bandwidth and storage space like its competitors.

So, how are Cloudcache’s tiers different from its competitors?

For me, Cloudcache’s big appeal is that they don’t take anything away from the lower tiers. There are no daily caps that are nonexistent on higher tiers, and no throttling (which, by the way, defeats the purpose of a CDN) to force you to upgrade to a higher tier that you otherwise would not need. I had to switch to a lower tier from a higher tier a few months ago, and I did not see my speeds being throttled at all. The only differences are the amount of storage space a the amount of bandwidth I’m allotted, plus the higher tiers let you use a custom SSL that goes through your domain instead of Cloudcache’s domain.

Faster load speed means more traffic…

Google’s search rankings favor pages that load quickly. This means that if you have video or other slow-loading content that is hosted on your own site, then you will be punished in search rankings. However, if you have the content loaded on a supercharged CDN, Google will not count it toward your page loading times and will thus rank your site higher on search engine results. When I started using Cloudcache, I had around 3000 visitors per day but I now have around 4500 per day, and I did not substantially increase my marketing efforts or off-site SEO since I started using it.

…and higher conversions

For me, what distinguishes Cloudcache from other CDN’s that I tried is that Cloudcache not only makes the page load faster for Google (by remotely hosting large files for me), but also for human viewers. It does this by having distributed servers located throughout the world. So, if I have a customer in Australia, Cloudcache will give the customer my video from a super-fast Australian server.

Cloudcache is safe

Internet security is very important if you have a site that does financial transactions, like I do. Every day, I sell a few products and people have to give me their credit card information. It needs to be sent encrypted over the Internet or else it will get stolen. Cloudcache uses SSL encryption to make sure that my customers’ data is safe. I can also use this encryption to send files that I don’t want intercepted, for example, if I am selling people online videos then I do not want pirates to get my videos.

This guest post was written by my friend Tommy Keane.