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Yelp had its IPO last week and saw the biggest one day jump for any web company this year. The stock started out listed at $15/ share and shot up to over $24.50 by the end of the day. It looks like investors are betting on Yelp continuing to grow and finding a path to profitability. Critics of the rising price wonder where the optimism is coming from.

The clear message for brands and businesses is that online reviews are only going to grow in their importance, and now their funding. Today’s episode looks at how the news spread, the social media reaction, and what small businesses can learn.

– Yelp stock price jumps 60% on first day.
– Investors betting big on online reviews.
– 3 to 1 positive reactions across the web to the news.
– Businesses need to invest in their online review presence.

Graphs courtesy of Alerti Social Media Monitoring and Management