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Last week, Google launched a social media marketing campaign (which can be a great tutorial for other marketers) to give the world a glimpse of their augmented reality glasses prototype, dubbed Project Glass. The first big sighting was a widely shared photo of Robert Scoble at an event with Sergey Brin wearing them. Project Glass also posted a hypothetical demo video on YouTube, getting more than 10 million views in its first week. Twitter is buzzing with excitement and images, and tickets for the Google I/O event at the end of June sold out in twenty minutes where all eyes are on rumors that they may officially debut the glasses there.

In today’s episode, Murray Newlands looks at Project Glass, focusing a microscope on the social media reaction so far zooming in on the lessons for brands.

What can brands learn?

  • Start EARLY
  • Use you NETWORK
  • Encourage PHOTOS & VIDEOS
    More tips in the video…

Graph by Alerti social media monitoring tool: