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Affiliate marketing has grown from a means of establishing a side income to a multi-million dollar business over the past decade, creating a massive industry in itself with millions of professionals profiting from it every year.

Whether you’re an established affiliate marketer looking to hone your skills in the interest of increased profits or an utter newbie looking to get informed before taking the plunge, the many conferences and live events centered around this niche offer a fantastic means of getting and staying in the loop! Here are six of the best affiliate marketing events to visit in 2012:

1. Affiliate Summit East 2012

Affiliate Summit East 2012

The luxurious Hilton New York City will play host this August to the Affiliate Summit East 2012 conference, a three day gathering of affiliate sales and marketing professionals offering numerous workshops and seminars, educational sessions and more! Affiliates looking to expand their horizons with new products and services will find this event particularly useful with its side-running vendor show and meet and greet.

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2. Affiliate Management Days – East Coast Edition

Affiliate Management Days - East Coast Edition

Coming this fall, Affiliate Management Days focuses on managers of affiliate programs and the task of continuously growing a professional affiliate marketing effort. With keynote addresses expected from representatives of many major retail firms who have had success with affiliate sales, managers of all types of affiliate programs, along with their marketing counterparts, stand to improve their skills and unveil new opportunities for their own businesses.

Topics covered will include affiliate recruitment, the importance of analytics, conversion optimization, types and value of affiliates and much more!

The city: East Coast

3. PubCon Las Vegas 2012

PubCon Las Vegas 2012

Organized and sponsored by popular web development resource website WebmasterWorld.com, PubCon is a long-running and hugely popular event for those interested in expanding their affiliate sales efforts by improving skills in internet and social media marketing, search engine optimization and general advertising. Set to be held in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada, PubCon 2012 will offer a full week of conferences, networking opportunities and other events with more than 200 speakers taking part in more than 100 individual sessions, each aimed at helping you to be a better affiliate marketer.

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4. Share A Sale Think Tank 2012

Share A Sale Think Tank 2012

Aimed specifically at affiliate marketers involved with the Share-a-Sale network but offering valuable resources for anyone with an interest in the industry in general, Think Tank 2012 will provide side-by-side events aimed at both affiliates and merchants, bringing the two together in an effort to help foster new relationships and new revenue streams. The event’s schedule of workshops is kept intentionally loose in an effort to promote a more free-flowing environment, making this one of the best networking opportunities for affiliate marketers in 2012!

The city: The events take place around the US. The upcomins ones include Austine (see Austin Itinerary Ideas) and San Diego (bookmark attractions in San Diego)

5. Symposium New York City 2012

Symposium New York City 2012

Formally known as Symposium East, the newly-minted Symposium New York is planned for this coming June at the iconic Waldorf Astoria Hotel, hosted by LinkShare and bringing a wealth of information to affiliate marketers small and large. Featuring two full days of forums, speeches and workshops, the busy schedule culminates in a relaxed breakfast intended to help affiliate marketers and managers come together, forging new relationships and expanding business efforts in an environment that demands exactly that!

6. a4u Expo 2012

a4u Expo 2012

A trip to Barcelona this summer could offer not only the beautiful sights of Spain but a solid course on the inner workings of European affiliation programs as well! Whether you’re seeking new vendors to work with or simply want to keep your finger on the pulse of affiliate sales around the world, a4u’s bringing together of more than 900 representatives from the global pool of both marketers and managers make this one event that no truly passionate affiliate marketer should miss out on.

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