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Visual branding has always been important, but now even more. Facebook is updating its mobile app to make photos bigger on their mobile app, and in the past month Facebook acquired Instagram and Glancee, both indications that the social media giant is looking to improve its mobile visual appeal.

Could video be next? A May 10 article in Mashable starts off with, “Haven’t you heard? Photos are so 2011.” The emergence of social video sharing apps like SocialCam and Viddy as easy mobile, social sharing integrations to Facebook means video is making a run at relevance in a whole new way.

Today’s episode looks at how these updates to photo and video sharing in the mobile space affect what brands and small businesses need to think about and do in their visual branding efforts. Are you prepared?


  • Social Video: People love it or hate it, but they care intensely
  • You need to care about your visuals. They are not an extra.
  • Mobile is growing fast. Now, it’s an extra. Tomorrow, it’s a must. Prepare now.

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