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YouTube has announced the new Video Creation Marketplace which will vastly benefit video makers. The idea behind the concept is to make the video producers gain from their videos by working together with advertisers. Small businesses will tend to benefit the most since they are the ones with the most limited resources for advertisement.

The marketplace concept is both beneficial for advertisers and small businesses.
The Video Creation Marketplace is greatly beneficial for advertisers. It allows them to find the perfect content creators that would meet their advertising needs. They can pay the content producer to create a video around their product and engage its unique audience. It’s a better way to reach their target demographics.

In this week’s episode of “The Future of Engagement,” Murray Newlands explains YouTube’s Video Creation Concept and its great advertising potential.


  • YouTube’s Video Creation Marketplace
  • Content producers can successfully advertise their products.
  • New business interactions with advertisers

The social media monitoring tool Alerti was used to create the graph above. On June 22nd the Video Creation Marketplace mentions peaked at 4,500 while on June 15th it was at its lowest. Alerti makes it easy to keep track of what people are talking about on the net.

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