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The web goes through constant changes regarding what’s hot and what’s not and cloud has proven to be the buzzword of 2012. Given the popularity of remote storage and web-based applications along with its tight integration in the upcoming Windows 8, this popularity is likely to continue through 2013 and beyond.

What is the Cloud?

The “cloud” simply refers to a remote server that allows you to store files or other types of data in a safe location away from your personal computer and other devices. It has always existed in the form of servers that host websites – the internet is, itself, a cloud – but the concept and name’s new popularity is due exclusively to the many new services popping up that allow people to remotely store their files, photos, documents, videos and other data. Ranging from free to paid and premium, the web is bursting with cloud storage possibilities for all types of needs, ensuring a very hot market for years to come.

All successful affiliates worth their salt make a point to jump onto the latest web buying trends and cloud storage is an area not to be missed. Ready to cash in? Here are the five best cloud storage affiliate programs:

1. RackSpace Cloud Affiliate Program

RackSpace Cloud Affiliate Program

A top contender in the hosting business for many years, RackSpace was quick to get into the cloud storage industry in its infancy and the stability and success of their affiliate program reflects this. Via a full control panel, RackSpace provides its affiliates with pre-made links, banners and other graphics in order to get rolling quickly and their tracking software has proven to be quick and accurate, giving every affiliate peace of mind.

Payouts for affiliates working with the RackSpace Cloud program vary depending on type and number of sales, but all offerings are fair and offer the potential of a solid income.

2. CloudWays Affiliate Program

CloudWays Affiliate Program

Another well-established cloud provider is CloudWays, a company whose affiliate program offers a wide range of payout structures in order to help every affiliate to be successful with their products. Starting at $20 for an affiliate or “starter package” sign up, the payouts provided by CloudWays exceed those of most of their competitors and make this affiliate setup a particularly alluring one.

3. Just Cloud Affiliate Program

Just Cloud Affiliate Program

With a large network of successful websites and more than $600,000 paid out to members since its inception, the Just Cloud affiliate program is a must-join for anyone involved in cloud storage affiliate marketing.

Through delivery of proven high conversion links and banners, the Just Cloud network promises high payouts and general success to all of its affiliates; the vast numbers mentioned above speak for themselves.

4. LiveDrive Affiliate Program

LiveDrive Affiliate Program

LiveDrive has been a favorite of users since the rise in popularity of cloud storage among the general public and this alone is enough to help create successful affiliates within its program. With their wide variance in account types, payouts from LiveDrive range from $45 for a Pro account signup to an astonishing $400 for a reseller account signup, making the possibility of establishing a solid income a reality for even moderately successful affiliates.

For affiliate marketers who prefer to work with only well-known and respected companies in a given niche, LiveDrive is an excellent choice where cloud storage is concerned.

5. SugarSync Affiliate Program

SugarSync Affiliate Program

Wildly popular for its ability to allow for both streaming of stored files and collaboration between authors on documents, SugarSync offers an affiliate program that is no less comprehensive than its cloud storage services.

Providing proven high conversion ad spots and custom landing pages to all members, the SugarSync affiliate program offers payout rates among the best in the industry. Given the popularity of SugarSync’s services and the fast move towards cloud storage in consumer electronics, affiliates can rest assured of a popular product as an effective SugarSync affiliate.

Annie is the storage professional and blogger for Storage.com Dallas взять деньги в долг срочно на карту