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In the competitive world of ecommerce, effective SEO and inbound marketing is essential to making a business successful. Because it can be difficult to produce the quantity and quality of content necessary to maintain ideal SEO, many companies are beginning to outsource their copy writing. However, it can be difficult to track down freelancers that mesh well with the kind of content you want to produce. Content Marketplaces provide a solution by making it easy to find writers and content by connecting brands with writers.

The content marketplace connects businesses with independent writers and bloggers in a fast, easy and affordable way. Companies can go to websites such as Blogging.org and post an assignment in the relevant category with explicit specifications (word count, rank of writer, tone, etc.) for writers and bloggers to complete and submit to the company for review within two hours. Once they submit the piece to the client, the client receives an email notification and can review the piece in a non-downloadable or copy-able format in order to protect the writer from plagiarism or theft of their intellectual property.

Following review, the client can choose to accept, rank and purchase or reject and comment on the work. If the client chooses to purchase the work, they simply approve it and a window pops up asking in what format you would like to download it. If the work is not what you’re looking for, you reject the work and are given the opportunity to provide an explanation as to why the work was not acceptable, which is helpful for the writer.

When you do purchase someone’s work, you have the opportunity to rank the quality of the work on a scale from 1-5 stars. The ranking system makes it easier for clients to find the kind of content they’re looking for, but is not limiting for the writers. Because exceptional writers take time to move up through the ranks, even if a client specifies that they are only looking for Premium-ranked writers for a given assignment, anyone can submit their work to the client and have their work purchased. Additionally, if a client purchases your writing, you won’t have to wait long to receive your money – Blogging.org writers are paid weekly. Also, clients don’t have to worry about losing any of the content they purchase – purchased content is stored on your project dashboard for easy access.

The content marketplace provides a safe and reliable resource for freelancers to find work and for clients to affordably acquire articles for their sites. Websites like Blogging.org provide a thoughtful, organized way for writers and companies to connect with one another and improve SEO and inbound marketing efforts, resulting in more site traffic and new customers. How are you getting your content?