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Interesting how 5 million iPhone sales is considered “disappointing” because of the hype and projections that they would sell 6-10 million. So how do you know how a product launch is doing? You use social media monitoring, that’s how.

By reviewing what consumers are sharing on social media you can find out how they like a product and what complaints they have. This iPhone has just slightly fewer negative mentions than positive – so there are some definite issues here:

SM sentiment for iPhone 5

Murray discusses some of the most common iPhone 5 complaints in this week’s episode of Future of Engagement:

Research has shown that people are talking about iPhone 5 –
both positively AND negatively – and Murray says
they have gotten some crucial features wrong.

By knowing where the iPhone5 is being discussed you can find out more about what the iPhone complaints are. The graph below shows were most of the conversations are going on:

Which social networking sites see the most iPhone 5 discussions

By analyzing what is being said it would be possible to find out much more about what specific issues consumers are complaining about most. If you launch your own product – or simply want to know what people are saying about you online – you should consider using a social media monitoring tool.

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