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Instagram Hits 100 Million Users

With Instagram User Numbers surpassing 100 Million and 40% of top brands using it, your business should be on Instagram, too!  That is especially true if your target demographic is young adults. Use this short Instagram Tutorial for Business to get started:

Video Highlights
  • Take lots of great photos
  • Tag them with the best keywords
  • Use geo locations when tagging images for local businesses

Instagram Statistics

How will you know how effectively you’re using Instagram and whether it is contributing to your bottom line? By using Instagram Analytics to find out.

Statigram App

Use Statigram to see:

  • Who is following you
  • How many people are sharing your content
  • Where they’re sharing it
  • Which content is most popular


The Alerti Social Media Monitoring platform now supports Instagram. Use Alerti to:

  • Monitor what is being said about your brand, your competitors and your industry.
  • Connect with those who are sharing your content
  • Reshare what has been shared on Instagram

For a Free Trial of Alerti Social Media Monitoring
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