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When you can take a personal attack and turn it into a way to benefit others you become a role model for others – and we will show how WKBT-TV anchorwoman Jennifer Livingston did just that on this week’s Future of Engagement:

Jennifer managed to take criticism and use it to generate positive coverage for her station and tie it into a larger issue: Bullying Prevention. Bullying is a huge issue as you can see from these bullying statistics.

In the graph below we can see that the buzz surrounding Jennifer’s handling of this issue was positive towards Jennifer and her station:

News anchor overweight bullying issue

You can see by 33.33% of the mentions in the graph below being from blogs that many identified with what Jennifer said and experienced or found her video so compelling that they wanted to share it. You can see the full video in this post about Bullying Prevention. There was also a lot of discussion about it on Twitter and elsewhere.

Social media and blog commentary about overweight comments against TV personality

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