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How to Use Live Video to Drive Engagement for Your Business

YouTube is teaming up with ABCNews to live broadcast the Presidential debate. Here’s what Murray Newlands shared on Future of Engagement regarding why the ongoing trend of live video is relevant to us all:

Video highlights:

  • Video marketing is an ongoing trend
  • Live video captures the imagination and is increasingly popular
  • Controversy including politics drives engagement and interaction


What can we learn from YouTube broadcasting the Presidential Debates that we can apply to marketing your own business?

  • Heated topics included politics can drive engagement
  • Live conversations can be more compelling
  • Politics is still hot so you may want to consider using it to increase interest

Brands will want to consider how they want to use politics to their advantage. As we learned in a previous Future of Engagement episode, politics can cause backlash to brands that can result in negative social media comments and lost business.

What we don’t know is whether the old adage
“there is no bad publicity” will apply long term.

Some people may end up remembering your brand much more clearly – but not remembering why – while others who are passionate about that particular issue may hate your brand forever.

It is up to you to decide whether taking a controversial stand
is important enough to you or will benefit you sufficiently
to become politically active in that manner.

You could also create a platform for discussion, but have your brand stay neutral. In that way you can benefit from the high emotions surrounding politics, but not alienate any of your customers. That could be a real challenge to pull off – but if you can resist the temptation to express your personal or company opinion it could be done.

As you can see from the graph below of social media mentions surrounding the Presidential debates, sentiment is positive – so you might want to find a way to tap into that positive interest to benefit your own brand.

Social Media Monitoring of Live Presidential Debates

Click image to see larger, easier to read version.

Social Media Monitoring can be used to ensure that whatever is being said about you, your business, brand or company is accurate so you can take action to head off any reputation issues. The graph above was generated using Alerti, one of the easier but still powerful social media monitoring tools.

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