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Twitter has announced a new partnership with Nielsen that allows brands to survey their followers right in their timelines. This Future of Engagement episode shares how these new Twitter surveys can benefit brands:

Video Highlights:

  • Increase engagement
  • Inquire about brand awareness
  • Ask about intended purchases

These new surveys are similar in appearance to promoted tweets. Small Biz Trends described the new Twitter surveys this way:

“Brand surveys will appear as tweets from @TwitterSurveys within a user’s timeline on both desktop and mobile versions of Twitter, similar to how Promoted Tweets appear.”

You can see what the new surveys look like in the examples at the links above, but not on the actual @TwitterSurveys account as ironically that account is (at least currently) protected.

Brands that combine more traditional forms of social media monitoring with whatever new analytics are provided with these surveys will have the clearest idea what their current and potential customers want. You can test drive an Alerti Social Media Monitoring account for free. Enter the bonus code alertivideo to extend your free trial for a full 90 days.