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Yummypets is the self proclaimed “social network for pets”.

Having analysed lots of Facebook Fan pages photos of cats and dogs are super popular so why not have a whole social network full of them. If you are a pet lover and have a pet this is the place for you to hang out and connect with lots of other people like you. AND see lots and lots of photos of cats and dogs.This has a double bonus, people who like cat photos can see lots of them and people who do not like them will see lets on Facebook. 🙂

Want to find out more? Well you can read their FAQ which yes is in French.

But why would you want this and who would care?

Firstly as I have written Facebook appears to be a self destruct mission charging for everything and becoming antisocial. More than that if you have a passion for your pet and want to network with other owners and exchange tips and advice then this could be a great resource for you. I have spoke to the owners of lots of website about specific topics and they tell me that while Facebook has consumed lots of out attention niche sites are doing well and thriving. Lots of the general chat has moved to Facebook but importantly when people want deep conversations on specific topic sites like this can be invaluable.

What is it like?

Well just like Facebook you can setup a profile and post updates and photos but these are all of your pet rather than you. Why should your pet not have its own social profile. You can exchange tips and update your friends about the life of your pet. You can also learn more from their blog such as “Do it Yourself – How to make your dog’s coat?”