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Start-ups often need PR for several reasons – it helps with brand visibility, it lets investors know they can work with press and tell a compelling story, it can bring in new customers, and when customers are on the website, it shows that even reporters are taking note of the product, and works as an instant review.

How can your start-up get press this instant if you don’t have a PR firm or one that might not getting you the results you want now?

1. Offer a Reporter an Exclusive

Get on Twitter immediately and start following every reporter who covers your industry and create a list. Start engaging and RTing these reporters and starting a dialogue. Once you get one hooked, and they follow you back, DM the reporter and offer them an exclusive story on something interesting. Reporters are always looking for something no one else has printed, a story no one else has told, and want to be the first.

2. Use NewsLauncher

NewsLauncher is pretty simple. You send them your story, how many people you want to read it, and a writer from that publication takes it on and gets it published. If it doesn’t get published, you get a full refund. They have nine A-list publications to choose from to get you noticed. “Visibility is trust. Lack of visibility is conceit. This is what’s in the minds of your consumer,” explains CEO of NewsLauncher Dave Polykoff.

3. Create a Newsworthy Event

This takes some creativity and gusto. One recent “newsworthy” event you can take note of  that was a PR stunt were the anti-robot protesters at SXSW (all for a dating app). To make an event newsworthy, you must do something that no one has done before, and do it in a public enough place that people will take notice and post it on social media. Going to events where you know reporters will be at is also a smart move – conferences, conventions, and getting to the lounge area where they will be is the best spot to make it happen. But be prepared with a newsworthy event it could backfire.

Getting PR for your business is one step towards success! Do you have any other PR tips for startups?