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It`s that time of the year when we are all going from store to store to buy gifts and the most important to find a perfect bargain.

If you want to have successful sale here are some small tricks that will help you to make a plan how to run a successful sale.



How to stimulate your customers to make a purchase by creating limited time offers?


If the key in real estate is “Location, Location, Location” this days in having a successful business and sale is all about “Marketing, Marketing, Marketing”. To have successful sale you need to make a plan.



– So small word that offers so much. When people see this sign they immediately think of a bargain that they don`t want to miss, but to get to that point you need to boost your marketing campaign by using posters, flyers and signs to bring customers to your best in store product displays.

Also, one of the best way to attract customers and let them know about the sale is by creating email campaigns and let them know about your limited time offers. Use email marketing to remind customers to shop.


The power of your website

– Your website is the gate door to your business that never sleeps and it`s open 24/7, use it!

By adding banners and highlighting items on sale, people will know that you have special offers.


Catalog – the lost art

This days everyone is connected to the internet and you have all the information that you need there, but some things will never change. Print a “Sale Special” catalog and send to your customers, having a catalog at home will provide customers a representative offering, encourage web sales and make them look forward to the big sale day.



Use keywords in your product names and descriptions to help your store get found in search engines. To research the best keywords for each of your products, you can use the ‘keyword planner ‘available for free through AdWords.


The success has one word – Blog!

The Internet is packed with influential bloggers, journalists, entrepreneurs, and vloggers from a wide range of industries and niches.


Many of them have large followings on social media and loyal audiences on their websites.


Send a free sample of your product to such influencers, who are either within your industry or related to it in some way, gives you an opportunity to let them know you appreciate their work with a small gift. Also, you will get a mention on one of their sites or platforms and that`s  a free marketing!

Not only will this provide you with a spike in traffic and social media followers, but it will also help to increase your sale.


If you want to read what other experts have said about how to make a plan for your sale, visit the article that digitalcurrent had published here with some of the top marketing experts including Murray Newlands.


Ready, Set, SALE!!!


Posted by Maya S.