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Once upon a time the world was your oyster, this days if you want to achieve something and have impact on something then your oyster is social media.


In today’s business world people want to do business with other people more so than ever before! This is why it’s so important to focus on building a brand on the social media because social media never sleeps and you can reach out to people from all around the world and expand your brand on all sides of the world.

However, opening a social media accounts it`s just not enough!

if you really want to build an “army” of people who are following you and show off your expertise, it’s going to take a dedication and devotion to stand out from the crowd.


All Business Magazine made a list of people who found their niche, people who are authority in business and marketing world, He found his place of that list, he, Murray Newlands and he has found his way to have an impact in today`s internet competition. He became a successful online entrepreneur, and if you don’t already know him, you will want to!


If you want to know more about the people who found their niche and are perfect example of this type of success read the list here.



Posted by Maya S.