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When speaking with today`s media executives need to have more qualities than the usual when they are climbing on successful later. Today being an executive is not just having success in business acumen, exceptional management, outspoken presentation skills, and ability to command a room with a strong presence. You need someone who can help you to understand the media, establish spokesperson skill and the determination to be effective in interviews with reporters on TV, radio or news stations.

The intention of having a media training is to ensure that you, as a spokesperson have a sense of confidence and domination when approaching interviews with the news media.


To achieve this confidence, you should hire media training coach who is familiar with these three critical elements:


  • Understanding the media
  • Real world practice exercises
  • Expert evaluation


Even tough media training involves much more than this, this are just a key parts of effective media training.

Huffington post made a list of 10 Bay Area Media Training Experts and on the list, is Murray Newlands.

Murray is a media coach who brings with him years of experience both in front of the camera and behind it, as a media coach. He knows how scary your first media event can be and will help you not just overcome it but turn into a star and start giving great interviews. Check out his Media Training Guide for Executives here






Posted by Maya S.