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Media interviews are a valuable opportunity to get the word to know out about your business.

But not everyone is convenient with the press and the whole idea of having an interview, and too many small business owners miss such opportunities. Make the most of the opportunity to share your knowledge and promote yourself and your business by being prepared when giving a great press interview.

Promote your business!

When you have your chance for the interview- grab it! If you do it right people will know more about your business and your success. Having an interview can make you or break you and it`s very important to be prepared. The key to getting the world know about your company is to know what to say, when and how.



Tell the people why is your business so excited to you, share the story of blood sweat and tears, let them know that your passion for success lead you where you are now. The reporter will notice your passion and excitement, and it will spill over into the article or the interview. Remember, we are all humans and act like it, be confident like you are talking with one of your friends.


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirror, mirror on the wall who has the best prepared interview of them all. You may be master of your trade but to deliver that to the audience you have to know how to do that and the best way for that is practice. Gather your closes friends and practice the interview in front of them or you can choose the proven method – the mirror., that way you will prepare yourself and easy notice you mistake and also control your body language.


Tricky Silence

Believe it or not silence can be sometimes good during an interview. When you have finished with your point and thing that you want to say you can stop talking and wait for the next question. Don`t ever think that is awkward if there is silence between questions, better to be silent and take a break then talking things that are not related to question that you have been asked.


Don`t Lecture

When having an interview, especially if there is camera rolling we get nervous sometimes and often forget what is our goal for that interview – to sell your business! Never lose your temper, never start arguing and don`t lecture the reporters, they know what they are doing and they can make you a rising or falling star.


Radio interview

Many people don`t know but radio interview are very popular because people usually listen to them while driving and usually when we are stuck to traffic jam, there are no commercials and have targeted audience. It`s very important when having radio interview to be in a quiet place and free from interruptions. This will allow you to concentrate and avoid noise interference on the recording.


Body Language

Body language is very important when having an interview. Every move that you make can be silent signal. Crossed arms may be a signal that you are defensive, tapping fingers means that you are nervous or impatience. When having, an interview try to think that you are talking with your friends, if you need to gesticulate with your hands, do so, but they have to be synchronized with your speech.


If you want to learn more here is Murray Newlands Media Training Guide for Executives.

Posted by Maya S.