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I help businesses develop their online marketing strategy. I also wear a web developer hat, and I’m generally known to be and all around techie guy. I then turn this knowledge and experience into money by helping people solve problems.” – Oscar Gonzalez

Oscar qualified to teach you about the internet, applications and networks and he has been on the internet since 1996 when he bought his first domain.Fortune 500 companies and with entrepreneurs, helping both achieve higher levels of success and understanding  by increasing their bottom line.

I recorded the interview at Affiliate Summit West and asked Oscar to share some tips on influence marketing.


Oscar Gonzales  helped hundreds of people with their business or a technology problem, he is running successful blog and shared 5 marketing tips with us.

  • Be everywhere where audience is or all the social media channels.
  • Have a blog and use it every day to influence your market.
  • Collaborate with people that are a little above you so that other people see you as authoritative figure.
  • Have an email list where your can reach to your audience and always be attentive to what they are talking about so that you can reach out to them and establish relationship with every audience member.


Make sure to read his blog if you want to learn more.