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Blogging is big business. Business owners are using it to increase traffic, build back-links through off-site blogs, and create hype that enhances the impact of their website.

But how are some bloggers making millions of dollars blogging? It’s a phenomenon worth looking into, especially if you have a desire to increase your revenue online and who doesn’t?

John Chow is a famous and well known blogger because he turned his blog into a $40,000 per month income source within just 2 years.

The “Blogging with John Chow” Blueprint works better than any other blogging method on the internet.

Armed with this as your secret weapon — you could be the next big thing… raking in the big bucks without the need of outdated methods like Adsense, Adwords, or other methods of paid advertising.


I recorded the interview at Affiliate Summit West  and asked  John to share 5 tips to become influencer and here they are:

First tip is to always look at your brand, because they are millions and millions of blogs out there but. Second tip is to network, network, network that is the reason why we came to affiliate summit, get to know the people.

The third tip is pass out business cards, it`s not who you know it`s who knows you.

The forth tip have your logo everywhere.

Fifth tip is always wear your t shirt, stop wearing of the copies.


Posted by Maya S.