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Each year I like to search and read for those remarkable stories of entrepreneurs and companies that need to be on our radar. These are the business visionaries that are improving the world.

Who are these entrepreneurs, you might ask? They are business people whose whole objective is to build a company from the ground up and sell it for as much as possible, or to take it public.

Additionally, there are business visionaries who create a business to franchise it. Some entrepreneurs start up factories. There are business visionaries who are in more conventional industries and have no goals of selling, however, would rather hope to make it big. There are Internet entrepreneurs focused on creative, passive income by any means necessary to make a living.

Through these entrepreneurs, we find out about what’s new in today’s tech world.

From acquisitions to investments and securing substantial funding to signing big clients, these entrepreneurs are examples of success and can offer plenty of inspiration.

Take a look at the entrepreneurs on this year’s list who are making their mark as thought leaders, speakers, and creators as the top entrepreneurs to watch in 2017.

Moreover, Murray Newlands is on that list─business adviser, speaker, and founder of Chattypeople.com. He is a frequent contributor to prominent publications, such as Entrepreneur.com and Forbes.com, writing extensively on the topic of chatbots.

Additionally, Murray wrote a chatbot marketing guide.

“Where ten years ago every company needed a website and five years ago every company needed an app, now every company needs to embrace messaging with AI and chatbots.”  ─Murray Newlands