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The most recent hype in programming interface is the chatbot, and Facebook has the biggest Messenger platform accessible today. Facebook now gives you a chance to set up Messenger bots on your business page, as well.

For the inexperienced, chatbots allow companies to have an automated discussion with people who click on their Facebook Messenger. It’s a straightforward approach in permitting individuals to connect with your business.

Furthermore, a chatbot can serve various requirements, such as giving clients a chance to purchase tickets for an event, getting directions, setting up an appointment, or asking basic inquiries. A progression of catchphrases and menus guide clients through each step. Overall, chatbots save time and eliminate the pointless requests that don’t always lead to a sale.

Regardless of whether you’re creating applications, sharing updates about your most recent products, or you’re confirming reservations at a hotel, chatbots allow you to be more personal, proactive, and more streamlined in the way which you interact with your clients.

Building a chatbot is easy as you only need a platform, such as Chattypeople, where you can create and customize your bot.

To help further, check out this step by step method written by Before It’s News that will help you create a Facebook Messenger Chatbot for your business.

Posted by Maya S.