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Facebook is a tremendous platform with million users around the globe using it daily. As more companies and people are using bots from shopping to weather updates, it’s clear that using a bot can be pretty easy─and it’s simple to make one, as well.

Chatbots are new company representatives as more top brands are propelling the innovation and incorporating one into their chatting systems. Huge names, such as Facebook, have effectively made moves in this field by creating their own chatbot and chatbot platforms.

Nowadays of multi-tasking and deadlines, we are urged to do everything in-house─and on our own sometimes. This includes marketing, promoting, copywriting, customer support, etc. In any case, coding and programming are not something that the majority of us do, for the most part, since we don’t have enough time in our multitasking schedule to learn. Does it mean we can’t create Messenger bots? Or, then again, that we have to pay somebody else to do it for us? Not at all!

It can be an enormous benefit to have an intuitive and easy to use chatbot for your business. Chatbot expertMurray Newlands commented that “Where ten years ago every company needed a website, and five years ago every company needed an app, now every company needs to embrace messaging with AI and chatbots.”

Slashdot has an informative tutorial on how to easily use a chatbot and how to create one without coding by using the platform chattypeople. It’s simple, so go create your own bot today!

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