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Chatbots are the current hot trend in the innovation world. As they are now becoming well-known among the overall population, conversational bots are not a recent development. A few organizations have been working on various approaches with the bots for some time now. Fundamentally, this has involved processing natural language to enable a machine to have an intelligent conversation with a human.

Chatbots have been made conceivable by the huge push of natural language processing, programmed learning, virtual assistants, and artificial language by companies such as Facebook and Google. Various smaller organizations have also embraced these applications in the production of platforms for simple, drag and drop creation of conversational chatbots─some of which do not need you to write a single line of code.

To help, Rebelmouse Magazine compiled a list of the top tools that every chatbot creator must know, so be sure to read the entire list and get familiar with the hot trend of making bots with platforms such as chattypeople.

Posted by Maya S.