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I love it how link building topics have transformed from discussing where to submit your link for free to how make links flow in on their own. This is the evolution I’ve been watching for year and one I am really proud of (not for myself but for the industry).

A “linkable asset” is anything that provides an incentive for publishers to link and promote your page or business. Analyzing your (and creating new) linkable assets is the starting point for any campaign: it lets your links that you build grow in exponential rate. It’s what makes link building campaign worth it.

Here are the most effective ways to create a linkable asset to prepare your business for link building and branding online (none of this is hard to implement):

1. Create a Topical Infographic

An infographic (information graphic) has been a very effective way to bait for links and social media votes for ages now. Some people may say this is quite an abused tactic but I see quite a few new insanely popular infographics daily.

I have shared some most popular types of infographics as well as some free tools to build them – so they are not really hard to execute. All you need is a good idea and original research.

Good example: Top 10 Most Expensive Cities to Live in 2010 [Infographic] by Home Loan Finder


2. Create a Free eBook

Besides being a great and (most-importantly) long-term linkable asset for your brand which almost always works, an eBook is also a great way to re-package your content to give it wings. Re-purposing or re-packaging an article means giving it another form and format based on the exiting content and research.

In simple words, you can collect all your research you once did and all your content you used to work on and turn it into an eBook.

If you choose to create an eBook, consider creating a mini-site to generate links. Just make sure to find a solid domain name.

Good example: Free Shipping eBook by FreeShipping.org


3. Create a How-to Video

Marketing on social media video giant (Youtube) is hugely effective. You can grow your reach day by day and always receive new and new links day by day.

You can put together videos using this cool online video editor which makes it super easy!

Most people are “visual learners”: they learn and remember something easily only after they see it. The huge demand makes a how-to video the perfect way to get recognition and attract links

Best example: 2CreateaWebsite Youtube Channel by Lisa Irby

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