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Through the cloud, IoT and new developer platforms and tools, developers are creating enterprise apps for the future. These apps aren’t just for business ─ they affect everything — people, places and things. They are built on a programmable infrastructure connected through APIs and DevOps practices, making the relationship between infrastructure and apps symbiotic.

Held in San Francisco, CA, on May 23-24, the two-day conference, DevNet Create, was built to bring clarity to the blurred lines between infrastructure and applications. Through two session tracks, networking, keynotes, workshops, mini-hacks and learning labs, the conference offered top notch content combined with hands-on learning, to break down the barriers between infrastructure and applications and help developers learn, code, connect and inspire.

DevNet Create wasn’t all about Cisco. The speaker list included software engineers from Google, Microsoft, Docker and Buoyant, just to name a few. You can view the full list here. There were technical executives from Apcera, Sonatype, Cisco, Bitly, SolidFire and more. These people didn’t come to DevNet Create to talk about Cisco technologies; they came to talk about the future of software development. They talked about how the industry is changing. The information they shared will help you go forward in your career. This is a “don’t miss” lineup!

On that list of all the brilliant people was Murray Newlands, Online Marketing & PR Expert and the CEO of Chattypeople. He talked about chatbots and how to take advantage of them. Make sure to listen to his speech here.


Posted by Maya S.