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Chatbots don’t have too much in common with The Game of Thrones, particularly with Khaleesi, as she rides dragons and fights with fire and chatbots are powered by Artificial Intelligence and Voice Recognition software.

Khaleesi wants to be Queen of the Seven Kingdoms and chatbots, on the other hand, want to be the smartest AI, the world over.  Is there some relevance here?

For fun, let`s see if we can find 10 chatbots tips to learn from Khaleesi:

1. Have Trusted Advisors

Khaleesi has trusted advisors that stand beside her, who are loyal, and who she trusts to give good advice when needing to make tough decisions.

Plus, she has three dragons.

Chatbots, on the other hand, can be your personal advisors.

And NLP ─ Natural Language Processor powered with AI ─ can be your dragon.

In fact, you can utilize chatbots to perform data analytics using information from all around the world, in just a few minutes.

2. Promote Your Brand

One thing that Khaleesi does well is promoting her brand and image. She always says “I`m a Targaryen, ” and that’s how we all know her.

However, chatbots can be your first contact when interacting with customers. They can help you to promote your brand and image by using them for customer service, for answering simple questions about your company, or even for sending periodic notifications about new sales or updates from your business.

3. Win the Battles

Sharp brains win more battles than strong muscles. If you watch the show, you have probably noticed that Khaleesi is winning the battles with strategy, not with muscles.

What does that mean in chatbot world? It means that you don`t need to be a programmer to make your own chatbot. All you need to do is choose the best enterprise chatbot platform where you can make it yourself.

4. Communication is Key

Every language opens new doors for you. We all know that Khaleesi has learned Dothraki, and she became unstoppable, but how does that have any connections with chatbots?

Well, if you have a chatbot that supports many languages, you already conquered the business world.

Knowing Dothraki is not going to help you much, but communicating with your audience and having a chatbot to do that 24/7 in several languages might just be the golden grail for every business.

5. Tame Your Dragons

Yes, Khaleesi has three dragons, and you can`t compete with that.

However, blogging, Social Media and chatbots can be your three dragons.

Use your chatbot to engage with your audience and post on social media on your behalf. Share everything that is related to your brand on social media and regularly post on your blog.

And, who better to do that? Your enterprise chatbot.

6. Know Your Consumers

Do you know how Khaleesi is building her army? She is targeting the weak and forgotten and recruits them to be her faithful followers by promising them freedom.

How does this have anything in common with chatbots? I`m glad you asked.

You have to know who your brand’s consumers are, what age they are, and what they like about your brand, product and service.

Once you have all the information about your consumers’ behavior, you can use that in your marketing tactics.

7. Plan Your Battles

Khaleesi has advisors and makes plans for every campaign, and of course, she has soldiers that are defending her and fighting for her.

What about you?

Using enterprise chatbot solutions powered with AI and NLP, you can have all the data in the world, and your chatbot can make you analytics reports for your business during The Game of Thrones.

8. Be Adaptable

If Khaleesi weren’t Mother of Dragons, she would probably be a chameleon because she has that ability. If you remember her in the first seasons when she was with the Dothraki, she learned the language and went from slave to leader.

Go where the customers are, and adapt.

First, we had websites, then Apps, and now we have chatbots. If your business doesn`t have a chatbot – you really need to make one and adapt.

9. Search for Good Mentors

Khaleesi has learned a lot from others. And, she has her mentors to thank for getting her to be taken seriously by others and achieving her goals.

You can do the same.

If you have your own chatbot, but you don`t know how to use it wisely, read this article: AI ChatBot Marketing Guide – How to Create a Successful Bot Marketing Strategy

Chatbots can be your army.

10. Rule Your Kingdom

Do what Queens do: Rule.

Khaleesi might rule a kingdom, but you can rule your brand.

Your enterprise chatbot represents your kingdom (brand), and it`s the first point of contact for your customers, so make sure that you do it right.

Be sure to have a good FAQ question base for your bot and keep your it updated all of the time.

Khaleesi rules, You bot!

Posted by Maya S.