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The weeks before a vacation are full of excitement and anticipation.

However, there’s still the stress of planning and making sure everything is perfect.

Before enjoying a sunset on the beach, every detail must be taken care of ─ discovering a great location, researching and booking the best flight, finding a hotel and the perfect room ─ all at an affordable price.

Welcome to traveling in the 21st Century!

We don`t have flying cars, as of yet, but we do have help from chatbots to assist us in the planning process and the stress that comes along with it.

Here are 5 ways chatbots have shaped and changed the travel industry:

1. Better Customer Service Interaction

Customer Service is one of the primary areas that are receiving a large impact from the chatbot industry.

Remember long waits on 1-800 numbers? Or, sending endless emails and the agony of waiting from a hotel to confirm your booking or to give you information?

Not anymore!

Thankfully, chatbots have taken over the travel industry and your first contact while booking a flight or hotel room will be chatbot.

Next time, if you decide to go to the same hotel, the chatbot will know your preferences and make recommendations specialized to fit your needs.

2. Chatbots as Travel Agents

Next time you are searching for a hotel or a destination, you may ask for help from one of the many chatbots that will aid in the booking process.

Using Natural Language Processing, chatbots can interact with you and give you all the information you need, including recommendations for a destination, baggage allowance, and it can even book or cancel the trip for you in a few clicks while using your smartphone.

3. Flight Search

I remember once I spent two days searching for the best flight and as the travel date was getting closer, the price of the flight was getting higher.

Thankfully, companies like KLM and Skyscanner have chatbots that help you find the best flight, using categories like cheapest, shortest and best.

Or, if you want to explore some, you can ask for suggestions, and the chatbot will help you find the best destinations.

4. Delivering the Boarding Pass

Do you remember when you needed to get online to reserve a ticket and then you needed to print the boarding pass at home or go earlier to the airport to get through the boarding process?

Well, thankfully, travel companies have chatbots who deliver the boarding pass to you, and you are even able to select your seat. Plus, the chatbot will send you updates regarding your flight status.

5. Personal Interaction

Making customers happy means making money, and in the hotel world, happy means right now.

Today’s customers want the best of everything, and they want that fast, so when they go on a well-deserved vacation, they want to be pampered right off the bat.

Additionally, some big-named hotels have specialized interfaces where guests can interact with their chatbots and order room service or get local recommendations.

Final Thoughts

Chatbots offer an exceptional travel experience giving the travelers simple and personalized solutions to plan the best trip.

Chatbots have changed the travel industry today, and are looking to do even more in the future, as well. Now you can have endless possibilities and a more tailored service, all thanks to chatbots.


Posted by Maya S.