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Chatbots, today, are everywhere from customer service to making restaurant reservations to online shopping.

If we look back from the time they began to take charge, we have to admit that chatbots have had a significant impact on our everyday lives  ─ and are changing it day by day.

Moreover, chatbots are widely popular all over the world, not just in the US.

How about the Middle East? Are they ready for chatbot revolution?

Here are 5 ways chatbots will change middle east:

1. Financial Sector

Emirates NBD announced that they will release voice activated chatbots for banking in the Middle East.

With NLP and a voice recognition processor, the chatbots will be extremely helpful, as money can be transferred from checking to savings, vice versa, and you can get your balance, all from your phone.

2. Luxury at Bot Level

Mercedes-Benz Cars in the Middle East has launched a Facebook Messenger chatbot, and by using their bot, you can get familiar with the brand.

You can explore their vehicle range and book a test drive. Additionally, the bot enables natural conversation with the brand and makes interaction fun and efficient.

The bot assists users in exploring the full range of Mercedes-Benz cars and even recommends Mercedes models according to the user’s personalities and preferences.

Moreover, users can choose to receive notifications on new car launches and exclusive events directly over Messenger.

3. Analytics

When investing, you rely on analytics and reporting which can take up to several months.

However, chatbots and AI companies in the Middle East are receiving reports in just a few minutes which helps buyers to make smart decisions about investing.

4. School

Education in the Middle East is the last place that we thought would embrace chatbots. However, they were smart and jumped on the bot wagon.

Schools in the Middle East have chatbots that are interacting with students. For instance, a university “welcome bot” can ask the student to select an upcoming orientation to attend and provides directions to the college. Plus, they even help the student to select courses from a list of options specific to their application.

Additionally, based on the student’s interests and information from their application, the bot suggests relevant academic and social groups to get students involved in more activities.

5. Travel in Style

Yes, we all know about chatbots in the travel industry. However, hotels in the Middle East went a step further and have chatbots in every hotel room who are helping the hotel guests from simple questions about the city to ordering room service.

Final Thoughts

These are encouraging signs that the future of enterprise chatbots and AI is a big part of the Middle East and making a revolution in the way they are doing business.

We look forward to seeing what the future will bring next.


Posted by Maya S.