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If you have an engaging workplace then the chances are you also will have interns who are motivated and willing to go above and beyond their station, not merely making the tea.

Interns work for little or no pay when they come to work with you and gain experience.

By leaving them to their devices and not developing them then you fail to provide them with the engagement to ignite them and get the most from them. 

So, how do you do that? We take a look at the best ways to engage your interns.

Job Description

The intern should be given a job description when they arrive at the workplace. 

This prevents the likelihood that they’ll merely be left scratching their heads when they arrive and means they have a specific list of tasks to work on. 

Often interns are left scratching their heads and end up doing odd jobs and this is far from good for engagement. Highlight specific duties and offer guidelines to motivate.


They came to grow and you should offer them just that. Immerse them with opportunities to improve and engage goals.

They should be provided with the same training opportunities that employees get. Using a solid virtual phone system is a good way to streamline communication.

Here are a few beginner resources for you to jump-start your training:


Set deadlines for the interns to keep them engaged and on the ball. Interns often lack motivation because deadlines aren’;t in place.

Even if it’s only for a small project, add a deadline for your intern and motivate them to knock out tasks.


By offering interns some meaningful work they tend to feel a little more trusted and feel utilised to a greater capacity. 

This also means they are pushed and will learn faster in most cases. If you want to assign work on a project basis with another employee.


By giving your interns accountability you will give them respect and see them surpass your expectations. 

Ownership creates accountability and creativity as well as responsibility.


Everybody has strengths, including your interns. Finding these and utilising them will create interest and also allow you to make more of your interns. 

Assign manageable projects initially to engage them and focus on their strengths and weaknesses.

This will allow you to gauge them and so assign jobs based on these abilities in the future, which will create confidence.

One on One

Talk to your interns once a week to get an idea of how they feel and also to report to them how you feel they are doing. This means honest and respectful feedback. 

During the conversation allow for casual assigning of objectives and help your interns with tips and advice.

If you want them to achieve that sort of performance on demand your regular workers give, then this helps.


Give interns plenty of jobs across the full spectrum of the workplace and you can give them experience and also the chance to expand and develop strengths.

A rotational program where they have the chance to work in a number of different areas can be a great help.


Include interns in the fun in the workplace.

It doesn’t have to be stuffy and professional. Provide them with some light hearted enjoyment.

Reward them

Finally, reward them if they do something outstanding. If they come to you with some great ideas and innovations, then reward that with recognition and something positive.

By following these tips you will go a long way to getting more from your interns and perhaps turning them into vital employees of the future.