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It`s fascinating that we live in an age of technology and our everyday lives are looking more like The Jetson`s each day.

And, it’s no wonder that chatbots are so popular now, They are new and exciting.

However, their use is questionable. . .

Are we avoiding human interaction when using chatbots and are we happier when using them?

Can Chatbots Make You Happy?

The topic of whether innovation makes us more joyful has been the subject of numerous debates and endless discussions.

Innovation has unquestionably helped our lives to be more productive but has diminished the human contact involved with performing ordinary tasks.

Social networking has connected us to more individuals. However, there are many things to say in regards to the nature of those associations and whether they are actually social relationships,

It has likewise been contended that social networks lead to living in the minute and help us to stay connected to those closest to us.

To put it plainly, innovation has brought about mixed feelings as far as achieving reasonable satisfaction and a bit of happiness.

Companies are Now Adding Emotions to AI and Chatbots


According to their website, Joyboto’s vision is to use Artificial Intelligence to improve our everyday lives. This begins with Joyboto, a personal happiness chatbot that helps you to become happier and follow your dreams through daily check-ins.

They believe that AI and intelligent agents can become our friends, coaches and have the potential to help people lead more fulfilling lives.


On the other hand, there is St.Panda chatbot that tracks your daily mood and suggests simple activities based on your mood to balance your emotions, release stress and create happiness.

In fact, you might never feel bad again ─ it`s cheaper than going to a shrink.


Remember once when you thought of going to therapy or calling your friends for advice? Well, you don`t need to do that anymore.

Koko is an inventive trial that joins both bot connections and crowdsourced chat. You can disclose to Koko what’s troubling you, and another person utilizing the bot has the opportunity to react and send you messages of support.

Many individuals find that helping other people improves their mood, as well. To make things even more fun, there’s a gratification component where you win “karma focuses” for helping other people.

You can even get “Thank You” cards from individuals when you’ve made a difference. It feels incredible to get endearing messages from others.

BBC Earth

BBC Earth Chatbot goes even further. To get their 45 seconds of custom fitted bliss, clients need to answer a couple of brisk inquiries identified with their location, their condition of satisfaction, and also their inclinations with regards to animals.

Only seconds later, the chatbot sends a video clip of a selection of wild animals in their natural habitats. And, every video has the name and Facebook profile picture of the user.

Final Thoughts

I can see chatbots playing various roles as personal coaches, companions and mentors in the near future.

Maybe chatbots can have other purposes, as well, such as helping us emotionally and keeping secrets that we can`t share with our friends.

However, does that mean that we will be avoiding human contact?

What about happiness?

Well, remember that happiness comes from within, and you are the creator of your own happiness, not a chatbot.

But ─ say you are waiting in the airport or are having a boring day ─ interacting with a chatbot can bring a smile to your face.


Posted by Maya S.