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Every time you try to connect with a business these days, odds are your first contact is a chatbot.

Regardless of whether it’s the standard automated telephone message that requests you to reveal the reason for your call or an informed chatbot that you’re messaging with on Facebook Messenger, it shows that Artificial Intelligence and chatbots impact our lives every day.

Do We Live in a Time of Iron Man, Jarvis and AI?

Computerized reasoning, or as you know it, AI, has dependably been an intriguing topic. The issue of making a machine that can think, settle on its own choices, and in the meantime, has a lack of human limitations, has consistently stimulated debates.

We all know about sci-fi movies, such as Terminator, and how AI can be bad. However, the question is, can we use chatbots to make our lives better?

They are already in our everyday lives, so why not take advantage of them?

The Beginning

Everything started with Amazon Eco and Google Alexa. Okay, they are not Jarvis from Iron Man, but it`s a good start.

Using only your voice, you can surf the Web, make a personal check list or shopping list, shop online, have instant weather notifications, and control your smart home products ─ all possible while your phone stays in your pocket.

Amazon Eco and Google Alexa were pioneers, but now we are entering the era of Jarvis and Iron Man, and AI is changing our lives.


Welcome to the 21st century and meet Duo, your new best friend.

Consider it something like Iron Man’s Jarvis, yet being incorporated into your whole home. Its control panel allows users to play music, check the  recent news and get weather updates, stream videos, control lights, play games or even use the device as a virtual gallery to display artwork.

How AI Improves Our Lives

Artificial Intelligence has made our lives easier as today we can get access to a big data of information easily. We have moved from mailed letters to emails, and from faxes to MS Office, so AI is shaping our world bit by bit. In fact, a big number of people don’t realize the extent to which AI is already being used in our everyday lives.

Artificial Intelligence is additionally used to make robot innovation to do more things. For example, build smart autos that have AI inside them, clean our floors and even perform delicate microsurgery on us.

Military and farming uses of Artificial Intelligence are also on the rise with its own progression. Additionally, AI is being used to help disabled and elderly individuals.

A museum in Italy has a collection of 4 stunning, chronicled homes. They are propelled by another venture, a chatbot, that persuades individuals to visit the four homes with a sole agenda to draw in more youthful groups of people.

The outcome is a smart chatbot using Facebook Messenger. The chatbot welcomes its young clients to visit the four homes by discovering personal bits of information which lead to suggesting a visit. This is an extraordinary case of how Facebook can be utilized to draw in more youthful eras through gratifying the Messenger experience.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the future is here ─ from Virtual Assistants in our home to chatbots welcoming you to a museum to an AI self-driving car.

Keep looking to the future and maybe next time when you are ordering a coffee at Starbucks, AI will know your order and make your coffee ─ just the way you like it.


Posted by Maya S.