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Pandora`s box has opened, and chatbots are here.

Voice-activated home assistants are part of many homes now; we have Google Echo, Amazon`s Alexa and we have smart home solutions like Duo.

All of these new-era home assistants help us in many ways, and our voice recognition activates them. But is there an era around the corner when enterprise chatbot solutions will talk to each other?

Can Chatbots Communicate With Each Other?

If you are interested in technology, you may have seen videos where voice activated assistants talk to each other ─ not just simple talk ─ but complex conversations.


Presently, technicians from Cornell Creative Machines Lab are developing Cleverbot who is learning from millions of conversational data, taken directly from human conversations.

It may sound rediculous, but chatbots will talk to each other, maybe very soon.

Everyone Can Have a Personal Assistant Bot

We all like how chatbots simplify our lives. We don`t need to wait on the phone for customer service, for ordering food, or even when booking a flight.

However, imagine if we have a smart assistant who can do this for us?

Imagine that your personal chatbot can help you in purchasing tickets for the play you want to see. Instead of you searching for a ticket or calling the theater, your personal chatbot can do that for you.

In fact, the interaction can be done by two chatbots, yours and one from the theater, and you can step in when it`s time for booking, leaving the rest to the two chatbot buddies to deal with.

Your personal chatbot will talk to another chatbot, not to do everything behind the scenes, but to connect you to the best possible service.

What we will probably see are chatbot specialists, in the niche, and on-brand, with the company they serve. However, chatbots will talk to each other to deliver their service or connect humans to a more expert experience.

Final Thoughts

I understand that the primary population will say “Yes, I want to have my personal Jarvis at home,” but the truth is, we are far away from that,

We have cars that drive by themselves, we have chatbots that are booking us a ticket, we have robots vacuuming our house now, so enterprise chatbots talking to each other is just another next step in our everyday lives.

Maybe, next time when you plan your next vacation, you will just say the destination, and your personal chatbot will manage everything for you.


Posted by Maya S.