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Fashion is always making trends, and that’s why it`s commonly referred to as “the new fashion trend.” However, today’s fashion is not about making the trend; it`s about following it by using chatbots in every corner of the fashion industry.

Online shopping continues to grow, and the fashion industry is trying to explore better ways for people to engage in brands, and have a bigger impact on e-commerce, promotional campaigns and even clothes, themselves.

How Can a Chatbot Plan Your Wedding?

When it comes to organizing a wedding, it can be very stressful. From browsing various stores to finding a perfect wedding dress to sending invitations and responding to every single RSVP.

Imagine that you are a bride with a limited budget and you have to do all of this by yourself?

What if I tell you that you don`t need to do this alone?

Welcome to planning your wedding, Sci-Fi style. This is how brides plan their weddings in the 21st Century.

It Can’t Get Any More Personal

We all love the experience of buying a dress and all the excitement that comes along with it, but honestly, it can be overwhelming.

Imagine that you are a bride and you want to find the perfect dress, and you need to browse 2000 samples in over 50 stores. Who has time for that?

Say hello to your new best friend – a chatbot.

The fashion industry knows that the bad side of e-commerce is that the web page often holds too much content ─ hundreds of items in many sizes and models. It doesn’t give you the entire view that you get from browsing a physical store.

What brands have done that is revolutionizing the fashion industry is enabling modern concierges ─ chatbots ─ or a personal fashion assistant to help.

Find Your Perfect Wedding Gown

Artificial Intelligence powered chatbots, spiced up with Natural Language Processing, can help you locate the wedding dress of your dreams while having the same luxury feeling of Fifth Avenue shopping where a sales clerk helps you find the perfect gown.

However, this time, AI chatbots will know your preferences using algorithms, according to your browser history and likes on certain pages. After telling it your size and venue for the wedding, it will show you the best dresses for you and your occasion. Then, it can reserve the dress and set up an appointment for you to go and try on the dress.

If we talk about efficiency, we can`t argue with this strategy and don`t forget about the time that you save on all this research that you can use on other tasks.

It`s easy when you have a chatbot to help you!

Have Your Own Chatbot Stylist

When it comes to women, we like to shop. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but we can all agree on one thing when it comes to our wedding day: everything has to be perfect, especially the wedding dress.

This time Artificial Indigence, Machine Learning and enterprise chatbots powered with NLP are our three god mothers that are helping us. Big fashion name companies are helping brides all around the world to find the perfect wedding dress by using the chatbot stylists.

Chatbots interact with customers and ask them a few questions, to get the full picture of them. A chatbot will use an algorithm to sort through thousands of products and put together an outfit for the client.

While doing this, the chatbot is taking several considerations from the data they have, from personal style to specific body shape and, of course, the budget.

“Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who has the Smartest Chatbot of Them All?”  

You have found the perfect dress. . . Well, your chatbot did.

You have the venue, but you haven`t sent the invitations, and people keep asking you the same questions over and over again. And, on top of that, you work full time and have no time to organize all of it.

I have been there. Thankfully, I`m a tech geek and have learned that chatbots aren’t just used in customers service ─ you can have one to work just for you.

If you have guests asking you the same questions about the venue, the menu, the theme of the wedding, and so on, you can have your own chatbot that will reply to all of these questions for you.

Also, it can send weather updates, ask guests about their food preferences, and even remind them the days before the wedding, which takes away the stress part of the wedding.

Final Thoughts

We already have self-driving cars, robot vacuum cleaners, and chatbots for ordering pizza, so, why not to take advantage of the technology and use a chatbot to take away the stress and headache of finding the perfect wedding dress and organizing the wedding?

From finding the perfect dress to sending the invitations ─  21st Century style ─ you will have more time to pamper yourself and focus on bigger things.

Do you Say Yes to the Bot?


Posted by Maya S.