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Some things need to be changed now and then, and thankfully, customer service is getting an all-new makeover —  by using chatbots.

If we look back in time, customer service hasn`t changed much in the past 20 – 50 years. In fact, first, we had operators who plugged cables from one router to another, to connect you to the right person. Then, there was an upgrade, as we placed individuals in a room with headsets, trying to help customers that were calling day by day.

Imagine you are working in a call center and speaking with customers all day long — one after another — all with one or more of the same questions.

After several hours of talking to customers, and answering mundane questions, when customer #56 calls you, will you be as excited and cheerful to answer their inquiries?

More than likely not. You probably will be tired of it and stop caring as much, and that`s not efficient as excellent customer service.

On the other hand, chatbots can handle many clients simultaneously, 24/7.

Chatbots are cheap, easy to use, and most of all, efficient, Thankfully, customer service is having a face lift and recently stated to use chatbots for interacting with clients.

Don’t. . . Hold on?

We all know how frustrating it can be when you are in a hurry, but customer support tells you, “Please hold on while I pull up your account,” or even worse, “All of our agents are busy; the wait time is 15 minutes.” Then, you wait for an hour.

Luckily, we can connect with chatbots while we are on the go and get all the answers we need instantly, with no waiting on a call, or remembering what our password is.

But that`s not it.

Chatbots are created to help with engaging the customer, as well.

Chatbots can also be great tools for driving engagement with your brand by sending small quizzes or short surveys to get to know your customers.

Additionally, chatbots can help to create a personalized experience, customized for every user, with the end goal to boost sales.

Increase Sales With Good Customer Service Too

When it comes to customer service, one thing matters — happy customers = more sales.

Websites often show many photos on each page, and too much information can be overwhelming.

In fact, 35% of visitors who are not quickly finding what they were looking for will leave your website and go elsewhere. This means you will lose a sale and potential cash flow.

On the other hand, using Natural Language Processing chatbots which interact like humans, will provide the information that your customers need, in no time at all. For example, if a customer asks for long, yellow pants, the chatbot will instantly show the results.

Additionally, the chatbot will remember preferences, such as size and taste.

The best part — Customers won’t waste any more time!

Unlock a New Era of Marketing Strategies

By having a chatbot that can handle your marketing messages, you will have the ability to send customized push messages to your clients based on the tracked data and consumers’ habits that chatbots keep in their memory.

People don’t seem to grasp the power that chatbots have, as of yet.

If you train your chatbot right, it can be a potent marketing tool. 

This day, many chatbots are being used in ecommerce, with the big secret being that it can track your inventory. It can let you and your customers know when an item is out of stock and send you and your customer a message when the item arrives back in stock again.

Chatbots can easily handle a conversation about returns and product exchange policies. Also, it has the ability to handle customers in several languages.

Final Thoughts

Chatbots are not new — only the idea of what they can do is new, and they are growing bigger every day, learning new responsibilities.

Depending on your needs, your new chatbot can be your new secret weapon.

Chatbots are efficient, can boost sales, handle customers, and all that with a customized approach.

Don`t forget; you can create your own, free bot on sites, such as Chattypoeple.

What are you waiting for?


Posted by Maya S.