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Marketing is not just about flashy commercials, songs and ads; there’s much more taking place behind closed doors.

In fact, marketing can be anything from client engagement to tracking data to making announcements.

Today, the key to success is not just knowing your customer’s location, but it`s all about engagement.

In the past years, this has been done by a team of people, but now, things got a bit easier, thanks to chatbots.

Almost every marketing person is using a chatbot for marketing purposes to increase engagement, increase brand engagement, and the retention rate has become much easier.

Now for, “The Power of the Bot

Increase Efficiency

Chatbots are the new tool in the marketing world.

Interacting with clients is most crucial for every business, and you have to think about satisfying your customers to keep your brand image alive.

While a human can interact with 3 – 4 clients at one time, a chatbot can do that with a thousand customers, offering each of them a personalized experience using Natural Language Processing.

Plus, they are so human-like that you can hardly notice you are communicating with a chatbot.

In this digital age, customers love personalization, and chatbots give them an one on one communication that they are looking for. Now, consumers can feel closer to the brand as they are treated as “individuals.”

Digital Platforms

Living in an age of the technology and having new Social Media platforms emerge all the time, it’s a brave task to keep up and communicate with your customers through all of the platforms.

However, your chatbot can do that for you, 24/7, and in several languages.

Now, there are two types of bots: the ones that have a mix of AI and NLP, and simple-based bots.

If you choose a simple bot, your consumer will lose patience sooner than you’d like because the chatbot will not be able to maintain a flow of conversation.

Interacting with a simple bot and a human-like bot with NLP are two different experiences because NLP gives the bot human-like characteristics.

Therefore, it’s important to make sure your chatbot can keep the consumer engaged in a conversation.

Marketing Campaigns

The bread and butter of every marketing strategy are campaigns, and the success of your campaign depends on the success of the company and the image of the brand that you want to keep up.

Thankfully, we live in the era where technology works for us.

Integrating your chatbot into your email campaign can help you to create nurturing campaigns which is crucial if you want your leads to turn into sales.

Bots can be your little helpers, as a chatbot can collect relevant information about your customers which will help you to plan and to market your brand in particular areas.

Feedback Time

Feedback is the matrix of success.

You have done everything in your power with your marketing campaign ─ you have thousands of visitors but only 15% of sales ─ so, you must have done something wrong.

Chatbots are here to help. A chatbot can be your power tool if you create it right.

You can train your bot to offer fun quizzes to your clients and ask them several questions with the end goal being to collect feedback.

After gaining all the information, your chatbot can analyze the data that it collected and give you a report, all in several minutes, which will help you to focus on your weak spots in your marketing campaign.

Successful Sales

For a product to be successful, it has to be part of a big marketing plan.

Sometimes, it takes weeks, or, at times, just a few clicks.

One of the biggest sales’ success stories is with Sephora’s chatbot. They experienced a big success with their chatbot because it was efficient. It interacted with millions of customers, and most importantly, it gave the customer a personalized experience and offered the product that they needed with no mistakes.

For millennials and teens around the world, messaging apps have increasingly become preferred platforms of communication, and the marketing team of Sephora embraced that opportunity and had great success.

Final Thoughts

Chatbots are here to stay, and they will get even better over time.

You can select to use an enterprise chatbot with Artificial Intelligence DNA and Natural Language Processing power that will have human-like interactions with customers and can manage your marketing plan from sales to social media. Or, you can have a simple chatbot that can help to interact with clients.

The choice is yours. . .

But, whichever chatbot you choose for your business, it will be your new marketing power tool.

Posted by Maya S.