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People love messaging. It`s fun, interactive and you can do it from your cell phone which we bring everywhere with us.

So, what`s the best thing that chatbots do?  They chat!

If you plan to build a bot, yes, it`s as simple as it sounds, but there is much more that you should think of and plan for before you actually start making your chatbot.

Let`s have a look at 10 chatbot development software tools you should try today:

1. The Platform

Everything starts from here.

You need to find the best platform to build your bot.

It has to be easy to use and understand. It must have all the plug-ins that you need, including one for payments and Social Media plug-ins.

One thing that you can`t overlook is support of multi-languages; this is very important for interacting with customers from all around the globe.

Try ours at Chattypeople.com for free!

2. Submitting Your Bot to be Discovered

You build your bot, and now you want to be discovered, but you don`t know how?

One of the ways is to submit your bot to a bot listing site where people browse through many bots, and you can hope that yours will be discovered ─ or you can read this AI ChatBot Marketing Guide – How to Create a Successful Bot Marketing Strategy and work on your strategy.

3. Analytics

It`s a great tool for monitoring analytics about your bot.

It can be integrated into the platforms of your bot, or you can have it uploaded later.

Either way, it will give you a clear picture between different conversations, identifying features with high engagements, as well as a conversational analysis and your bot’s performance.

4. Testing

This is a crucial moment before you publish your bot live.

You have to test it to see if any errors will arise and fix the problems before your customers interact.

You can use tools like Testbirds; it can give you access to 300,000 users that can test your chatbot by using different locations, devices and browsers.

5. The Landing Page

A great feature to create conversation interface into forms.

There is an API that you can add to your chatbot, and guess what? – No codding is required.

With just a couple of clicks, you can create a landing page in the form of a bot. It’s great to develop and test bots without coding!

6. Have a Newsletter

True. People love newsletters.

You can add this feature to your bot, as it will help your customers to stay updated with all the new news and updates related to your company and your brand and your chatbot can deliver the news with personalization according to the subscriber’s preferences.

7. Your Bot Needs a Unique Personality

Adding emojis to your chatbot will help it to have a human-like feel.

If your chatbot platforms do not support emojis, you can upload that and have a fun, interacting chatbot.

8. Create a Conversation Flow

This is often overlooked. When creating a chatbot, people forget about the conversation flow because they think that the bot will do it by themselves.

No, a chatbot does what you train it to do, so, having a good conversation flow will help you to have a successful bot.

Thankfully, today, you can find plug-ins to add to your bot and see the visual flow of planned conversation.

9. Voice Recognition

This is relatively new and not so many chatbots have it.

However, enterprise chatbot platforms ─ well, a small number of them ─ support voice recognition.

This is a handy tool to add to your chatbot ─ imagine that you are driving and you want to order a pizza ─ just call your bot and start interacting by voice.

10. Print With Your Bot

If you want your chatbot to be a part of your customer support team, then you can add a plug-in for printing.

This allows users to print content directly from a chatbot conversation easily.

You can send photos and docs to the chatbot, and it will print it. Plus, review the history of printed documents and never print the same ones twice.

Now, that`s efficiency.

FInal Thoughts

Today, making a bot is pretty easy but making a successful bot is a different story.

Define your goals and why you are building a chatbot and add one of these features ─ or find more features that will help you to have a successful chatbot.

But remember, every successful chatbot starts here with a fantastic enterprise chatbot platform, such as ChattyPeople.

Make a free account today to get started!


Posted by Maya S.