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Millennials and the younger generation today love to chat and use all the possible Social Media and messaging platforms out there to stay connected with their favorite brands and friends.

Armed with this knowledge, companies are making all the efforts to connect with their younger audience because they are making 80% of the revenue and the best solution to do that is, of course, via the chatbot.

Everything started a long time ago, with Commodore 64 and a very long, tedious code, so you could just see “Hello World, ” and I was so proud of myself after seeing that on the small, green screen.

Thankfully, things are different today.

We have the internet and YouTube videos that will show you how to make a small robot by using your Arduino in a few steps or open codes that you can add to your website to make it better, or even make your own chatbot using a pre-build platform.

Let`s get back to the chatbots.

You decided that your company needs one, and you already found a platform to build one, but you require more information about that entire process.

Here are 5 Reliable Sources to Learn About Enterprise Chatbots that will help you to find out more:

1. Murray Newlands

Newlands is CEO of Enterprise Chatbot Platform, ChattyPeople.

He is listed as a chatbot expert in many publications, and his blog has valuable information about the chatbot industry.

Make sure to read his AI ChatBot Marketing Guide: How to Create a Successful Bot Marketing Strategy.

2. Chatbot Magazine

As the name itself describes, it`s all about chatbots.

It’s the first magazine dedicated to Artificial Intelligence and chatbots with many writers and contributors sharing their tips and guides about chatbots.

You can find many articles that are fantastic resources to learn more.

3. UX Design CC

An excellent source on Medium for Chatbot UX and best practices.

You can choose from many articles, tutorials, resources and blogs.

It’s all available out there, for free — and all you have to do is invest some time to “read it up,” according to their website.

4. Quora

You would be amazed at how much great information you can find here.

You can ask questions or just read the topics that you are interested in.

People from all around the world share their knowledge about chatbots and Artificial Technology. Many of the big brands’ CEOs are contributors which makes Quora a useful and reliable resource to learn from.

5. Chatbots Life

An online magazine that shares all the news, articles and tutorials about chatbots.

It’s a good resource if you want to learn what is new in the field of chatbots, Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing.

Final Thoughts

We came a long way from Commodore 64 to chatbots, Artificial Intelligence and pre-build platforms that allow us to make our own chatbots.

Reading the resource mentioned above, you can learn more or share your ideas and tips to help others. In the end, chatbots are new, and we still need more and more resources and tutorials, as their secret is just being revealed.

To build your own bot for free, visit Chattypeople.com today.

Posted by Maya S.