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Initially, chatbots were planned to help with customer service questions, and everything started with Microsoft’s Clippy ─ remember that?

But now, chatbots are everywhere, and businesses are seeing the opportunities they have with chatbots and have been implementing this small robot into every corner of their company.

Based on an everyday promise of making our lives easier, chatbots will impact our lives more than ever in 2017.

Here are 5 areas chatbots will make a difference in:

1. Maybe Unusual ─ But the Best Virtual Assistant

We may get used to having a Personal Assistant; someone who is always there for us.

However, things are changing, and you can`t promise help regarding a Personal Assistant to all of your team members. But, what you can do, is to offer a chatbot.

Yes, chatbots can take some of the tasks that a Personal Assistant does, and they can set up alarms, manage scheduling, and even book trips and browse hotels.

2. Loyalty and Customer Service

These two are related to each other, and this is where it all began with chatbots.

Chatbots are helping with customer service requests and interacting with multiple clients simultaneously.

This gives customers a satisfying feeling because they don`t need to dial 1-800 numbers and wait on the phone while selecting numbers of solutions.

These days, customers want everything to be answered fast, and having a chatbot that can do that means a happy customer.

Happy customers = long-term customers.

3. Streaming Your Business

Where is your business spending too much money?

On repetitive tasks that your employees are doing, perhaps?

Instead of your staff spending time on repetitive tasks, you can add chatbots to handle tasks so your team can focus on bigger things and achieve bigger goals.

4. HR Chatbots

Companies spend thousands of dollars while recruiting new employees.

They are not only risking their money, but they are risking their reputation, as well, with every new employee.

In today’s business world, being efficient and acting fast usually means that you win the war, so what big companies did was reduce human error and costs and use AI when recruiting new employees.

Using algorithms and data AI-powered machines, offers reports on the best candidates, reducing the human error in the selection process.

5. Efficiency at Lower Costs

Many companies are using Artificial Intelligence and algorithms to guide their employees to work more efficiently.

To be more efficient, companies are adding AI chatbots as the first interaction with customers to answer questions and help customers to find the better solution.

On the other hand, that can free up the human employees to focus on other tasks while the chatbot is interacting with customer support tickets.

Final Thoughts

These 5 solutions are only a small number of many solutions of how your business can benefit from using a chatbot.

If trained correctly, chatbots can handle every aspect of a business, from your marketing campaign to acting as a customer service representative, to Human Resourcing and managing simple tasks to helping your employees.

Chatbots will be here for a long time, and the sooner you adopt one, the more benefits you will gain from it.

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Posted by Maya S.