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Every marketer follows the newest trends in technology because those tools are what they use to keep on top of their niche.

Chatbots are the latest thing in the marketing world. It all started with chatbots being used for only chatting with customers. However, with endless possibilities, chatbots have become your right-hand man in every area of marketing.

So, how do chatbots fit into your marketing strategy? Here are some examples to consider:


Chatbots are great because they are “light” ─ you don`t need to install them on your phone, they don’t require space for constant updates, and they can be easily integrated into any messaging platform.

If we take into consideration that the young population prefers to chat when connecting to their favorite brand, and according to recent studies, 76% of all people prefer the same, it, therefore, is essential to accommodate and connect to your audience via chatbots.

Brand Voice

On a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being highest, maintaining a strong brand presence across all major platforms is a 15.

Marketers, who need to run several campaigns on several social media platforms and interact with thousands of consumers is “mission impossible,” right?

Yes, it is hard if you are a one person team who is handling it all on your own. In fact, you will need a team of people which will cost you more money. This is where a chatbot can step in and help.

By integrating chatbots into all social media platforms, marketers can update all of their messages across all platforms, as the bot will do it for them.

Powered with Natural Language Processing, chatbots can act like humans and interact with consumers giving them a personalized feel while they are connecting with their favorite brand.

Data, Data, Data

For every marketer, data analytics is like pirate’s gold. Chatbots can update consumers’ data in real time, from their location to the most purchased items to client feedback.

These insights can help marketers to identify consumers’ habits and improve their marketing strategies.

Personalized Experiences

Chatbots can be valuable tools for a personalized experience.

The main characteristic of a chatbot is that they remember consumers’ preferences, and according to those preferences, they offer a personal experience.

It all starts with a greeting, and by adding the consumer’s name to the greeting, the chatbot offers the consumer personalization. Then, after several questions, the chatbot will provide the exact product that the customer is looking for.

Minimum Effort and Cost

It`s hard to build a robot, and it`s even harder to build a smart, Artificial Intelligence robot that will help you in your marketing and sales campaign,

But how hard is to make a bot?

To make a chatbot, you will need a cup of hot coffee and a plan. Do you want to use your chatbot for simple interactions with customers or do you want more from it?

Either way, you can use Chattypeople enterprise bot making platform to create your personalized chatbot quickly. The best part is that you don`t need to be a programmer, just drag and drop, and your bot will be live in no time.

Suggestive Sales

Chatbots are designed to help. If you train it right, your chatbot can have a significant role in your sales channel.

When interacting with consumers, chatbots can help this process by helping customers identify the qualities they are looking for in a product and recommend ones that fit based on your shopping patterns.

Publishing Ads Personally

We all love VIP cards from certain stores because we feel valued as a customer.

A chatbot can be your personal concierge, and more marketers use chatbots to send push notifications, emails or SMS when new products are launched, or a new ad is live.

And, they don’t do all of that with a personal note. Utilizing a chatbot will bring more visits to your website which will turn into more sales. Plus, you will have your chatbot handle inquiries and simple questions, as well.

Final Thoughts

Chatbots can help you in every aspect of your marketing campaign.

They are “hot” right now because they are a powerful tool and can handle every corner of your marketing campaign for you.


Posted by Maya S.