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Technology is taking the world over, and chatbots are leading the way.

The rise of chatbots and their ability to connect consumers with their favorite brands, in the easiest way ─ via messaging ─ make them more used, every day, by more and more people.

The primary goal of chatbots was that they could help in customer service, and they do that job well, but more and more chatbots have been used in offices around the world to help employees with tasks and to help them stay productive and on top of things.

Let’s imagine that you work in a school book supply chain; you need to call or email the publisher, check the stock of a particular book title, email the people on the mailing list that are waiting for that specific book, and so on.

Generally, for tasks like this, you will need quite some time, or you will need at least two people to help you. On the other hand, a chatbot can do that by itself, within minutes, which leaves you time to do other things.

How it Starts:

Many corporations are using the Jarvis bot, the chatbot that sends notifications to employees about certain tasks and reminds them that they have a task that is due soon, all via text notifications.

Many employees find this helpful, and they don`t feel that they are micromanaged, especially when there is a tight deadline coming up.

Now, let’s go back to where everything started with chatbots ─ in customer support ─ chatbots and Artificial Intelligence have been used to obtain data-delivered results in call centers.

What chatbots do in this situation is help the customer service representatives by handling some of the consumers’ questions and filtering them. That way, support agents can continue to work with another client or pick up with the conversation after the bot resolves the consumers’ reason for calling.

Productivity or Fun?

The answer is both. Chatbots can be your little helper with a side of fun.

If you remember Jarvis from Iron Man, he was helpful, but also fun. You don`t want your employees to feel that they have another boss telling them what to do, so chatbots are a great option.

Imagine that you have a deadline and you can`t find a particular file from 10 years ago, you can`t leave your reports at that time, so ideally, a chatbot can help you here.

By using AI and Machine Learning, chatbots can search the database from years ago and give you the file you asked for, and you didn`t even leave your desk.

Chatbots were born in the travel sector, so it`s not so strange to see them evolving so much there. If you work in a travel agency and are trying to book a trip for a client, you will need to find and book a hotel, search for and book a flight, schedule a car pickup, and call the client to tell them about the trip and give them updates.

It takes a lot of time. Thankfully, chatbots can do everything instead of you while you or your employees are focusing on other, more important things.

Final Thoughts

Chatbots give us the opportunity to improve productivity and can have a dramatic change on how we run businesses in the future.

At the end of the day, it all depends on each company and how they will implement the new technology of chatbots for help to increase productivity.

There is no question that businesses can use a little help, and employees, as well, so everyone can focus on bigger tasks and productivity.

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Posted by Maya S.